Select Geographic Region

You (the "Customer", "You", or "Your") need to select the location of your SKY ATP Cloud Service.

Your data sent to the Juniper Service will be stored exclusively on servers hosted in the region that You select. For example, if You select "North America", then Your data will be sent to servers hosted in North America. Your choice of location where Your Juniper SRX product is deployed and consequently where Your data will be stored as part of the Juniper Service may have implications for Your compliance with applicable privacy and data protection laws. Juniper shall act according to Your selection below and shall not be responsible for Your selection or any regulatory or legal consequence of such selection.

The ATP Cloud Privacy Policy statement, and the broader Juniper Privacy Policy, can be found here: Juniper Networks Privacy Policy. The ATP Cloud Terms of Use is also available for review.

Juniper recommends the following selections for a ATP Cloud geographic location according to Your SRX deployment:

- "North America": countries in North, Central, and South America.
- "Canada": the country of Canada.
- "Asia Pacific": countries in Asia Pacific including all of East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.
- "European Union": countries in the European Union and the rest of the world.

Please select a geographic location:

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